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Makassan is an alternative to Intercom/Zendesk/Crip's live chat widget, powered by the feature rich open source system of

Makassan is incredibly budget friendly and offers a super easy and fast way to embed a live chat widget on your website in no time. Live chat widgets reduces the communication friction when you potential customers are browsing your website and have questions or concerns.

Built on Papercups Open Source Framework

Papercupos is an incredibly feature rich open source live chat software that was backed by Y-Combinator. In fact they also have their hosted version with more features if you wish to use them. Makassan is a trimmed down version where the core essential live chat widget is the main product.


  • Custom chat widget - a customizable chat widget you can embed on your website to talk to your customers
  • React support - embed the chat widget as a React component, or a simple HTML snippet
  • Slack integration - connect with Slack, so you can view and reply to messages directly from a Slack channel
  • Mattermost integration - connect with Mattermost, so you can view and reply to messages directly from a Mattermost channel
  • Gmail integration - link your support Gmail account to sync messages and reply to emails directly from Papercups
  • SMS integration - reply to incoming SMS messages directly from Papercups
  • Markdown and emoji support - use markdown and emoji to add character to your messages
  • Invite your team - send invite links to your teammates to join your account
  • Conversation management - close, assign, and prioritize conversations
  • Private notes - send private notes that you share with your team
  • Customer and conversation tags - organize your customers and conversations with custom tags and labels
  • @ mentions - notify your teammates about important messages
  • Saved replies - create text snippets for responses to common inquiries to streamline your workflow
  • Live session viewing - watch how your customers are interacting with your webpage in realtime
  • Built on Elixir - optimized for responsiveness, fault-tolerance, and support for realtime updates

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